ACC CoverPlus and CoverPlus Extra, what’s the difference?

You can apply for this cover if …..You are self employed or are a non PAYE shareholder-employee


  • ACC’s CoverPlus is the default scheme
  • Lost earnings benefits are based on 80% of previous years taxable income
  • You need to prove to ACC a loss of earnings
  • Weekly payments are abated if you return to work part-time


  • You need to apply for this cover, we can help you with this
  • You can select an agreed amount of lost earnings cover
  • At claim time you will receive 100% of your pre-agreed lost earnings cover less tax, if ACC accept the claim.
  • You don’t need to prove a loss of earnings. Saving you time and money as you won’t need to visit your accountant and sort out last years accounts.
  • We check that your business classification code is correct and ensure that you’re paying the right amount.


If you income split with your partner to reduce your personal tax there are consequences ….

  • Example; If you earn $80,000 and split your earnings 50/50 with your partner, yes you may save money on your tax however in the event that you have an accident ACC will base your lost earnings benefit on your personal income ($40,000) less tax.

Examples of restructuring your levies to save you money

Re-structure your ACC levies and save

Re-structure your ACC levies and save

Re-structure your ACC levies and save

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