If you (or your staff) are a New Zealand citizen(s) living overseas, we can arrange insurance whilst you’re out of the country (or before you/they go).

Expatriation is now general practice for many businesses and their employees, helping companies to stay competitive in today’s global environment and providing a wide range of off-shore experiences for employees.

Moving abroad on your expatriate assignment brings about plenty of things to arrange. But you are also faced with a new culture, different customs and habits. Every country has its own standards and rules which may take some getting used to. What is accepted in your home country might not be the case elsewhere. The same applies to insurance too. We recognise that it’s not easy to arrange a local accepted insurance package.

Our international health and personal insurance solutions provide global medical and personal insurance cover for all international mobile employees such as expats, missionaries, international hires or embassy personnel living and working abroad.

We offer a range of medical and personal insurance benefits delivering peace of mind wherever in the world you are. This package will combine comprehensive coverage, excellent benefits and service which is competitively priced.

If you want to know more about Expat Insurance, call +64 9 307 8020 or text ‘expat’ to +64 272 872 862 for a call back to your mobile.